Let’s go!

For the past several months, since this plan became real, I’ve had many well-wishers ask me to please keep them posted on my adventures. To all of them I said, I’m thinking of starting a blog. This was always met with enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I’ve struggled to have the same enthusiasm. Don’t get me wrong. I love blogs. Other people’s blogs. I’ve followed for years blogs of people I have never met. These aren’t famous people or even terribly interesting people. They are just people that were doing something that I was interested in at the time and then I was hooked. The majority of these blogs were started in order to keep family and friends up to date. I’m sure they don’t imagine they are writing for complete strangers. But that is the strangeness of the medium. It is out there for everyone to read.

Thus, my hesitancy. I’m not a particularly private person, so privacy is not the issue. If I don’t want you to know it, I won’t put it out there. I guess my real concern is boring everyone.  Let me restate that – not entertaining anyone. Anyone who knows me well knows I am painfully earnest. I don’t think it is a bad quality, but it certainly doesn’t make for entertaining writing. So, I guess this is my extremely long-winded disclaimer to anyone reading. I will do my best to be entertaining. But my true nature will likely win out more times than not. And unfortunately, sarcasm (my standard form of wit) doesn’t translate well to the page. So, you’ve been warned.

Also for any mid-career future PCVs reading this, I’m hoping to dedicate at least some posts to what it is like to be a PCV in my late 30s. When I (re)started thinking about joining the Peace Corps about a year and a half ago, I had a difficult time finding anyone out there in the PCV blog world that fit my demographic. The majority of volunteers are in their 20s or retirees. Not many of us step out of our lives right in the middle to volunteer for the Peace Corps. At this point, I’m not sure what, if any, significant differences there will be in my experiences versus my fellow volunteers. But I’m guessing there will be. And if so, I’ll write about it.

So, here goes. Let’s do this blog thing. Three days til staging!

Check back for updates, observations, photos, and perhaps some laments.


13 thoughts on “Let’s go!

  1. Wow! Your adventure begins, Betsy. Thanks for including me in your message. I look forward to hearing more. Enjoy!

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