Laundry Day!


Yep, that’s my underwear hanging out for the whole neighborhood to see! So, today, finding I had more energy after class than I have of late, I decided it was time to tackle a big chore, my laundry. This is the first time I’ve done laundry since I left for Georgia on April 21st. I’ve been meaning to do it for a few weekends in a row but just haven’t had the time. They keep us pretty busy.

Normally I wouldn’t bother updating you on something so mundane as doing laundry. However, since this is Georgia, a developing country, I thought you might be interested in learning about what laundry means in Georgia. No, I didn’t take it to the river and wash it with stones (although I’ve talked to one PCV who does just that). My family is in the midrange in terms of convenience regarding laundry. Some of my fellow trainees have automats (washing machines) that work much like our own, although I have yet to talk to anyone who has a dryer. My family has a washing tub which you fill with hot water, add detergent, and turn on. It then agitates the water, thus, washing your clothes. After it is done, you wring them out and throw them in a bucket full of clean hot water to rinse them. Wring out again and hang them on the line. Since I hadn’t done laundry in three weeks, this was a bigger task than it should have been. I had a whopping 23 pairs of underwear that all needed to be rinsed, wrung, and hung. It could have been worse. If my family didn’t have a water heater (which many don’t), I would have had to heat the water on the stove before doing any of this. #bethankfulforthelittlethings. 

Although I recognize that in a few months I will likely be weeping for the high-efficiency front loading washer and dryer I sold in my move, at the moment, I’m appreciating the fact that this laundry experience was still much easier than it is/was for many of the people in the world today and certainly in the past. A great opportunity to recognize the privilege that Americans live in (whether rich or poor). And all in all, there was something satisfying about doing my laundry mostly by hand. 

In other news (does doing laundry qualify as news?), language continues to go well although verb conjugation in Georgian is not much fun. Well, it isn’t so much the conjugation as it is the fact that in Georgian the infinitive (ex. to drink) is often unrecognizable in its conjugated forms (ex. I drink, you drink, he drinks, etc). So, when learning a verb, you not only have to learn the conjugation but also the infinitive form which is pretty much an entirely different word. Oy vey! Add to that the fact that this week our language lessons have switched (temporarily) to the afternoon instead of the morning and you get a brain-dead Betsy.

But to make up for it, in our tech classes (now taking place in the morning), we are working on a great community project with a group of really impressive high school students. We’ll be executing the project this Sunday (which WAS our only day off for several weeks!). I’ll be sure to post about it then. And I haven’t forgotten that I also need to write about my Easter weekend which included my first supra. Still to come.


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