A bit of travelling!

I’ve been too busy (and tired) lately to post anything. But here are a few moments from my last two weeks.


Had to share a shot of this beautiful rose in our garden. There are many, but this was my favorite.


On the way to our job shadowing sites (a week and a half ago), many of us travelled to Kutaisi together where we were able to enjoy a little taste of home. While not a huge fast food fan at home, having a cheeseburger and fries was pretty heavenly.Image

On our marshutka ride to our job shadowing site in Tkibuli, a gorgeous mountain town. Marshutka rides definitely deserve their own blog post and will get one soon. The theme of that blog will be near death experiences in Georgia!Image

A shot from the main street in Tkibuli.


When we arrived it was Independence Day in Georgia. We attended a concert with lots of Georgian dancing. I’ve posted a video of the dancing on facebook. Check it out. Georgians are serious about dance. In the photo are (in order from front) my fellow trainees Tiffany and Erik, and our hosts (and current PCVs) Sarah and Drew.



This past weekend, we were allowed to go on a cultural trip. I went to Kutaisi (Georgia’s second largest city) with my friends Kristen and Melissa. We spent the night at a hostel and had a great time being adults for 24 hours. Dinner out, lots of wine, and lots of talking. The photo above was taken from on top of the hill where the church below is located.


This church is a major tourist attraction in Kutaisi.


The bazaar in Kutaisi was a highlight of the trip for me. So much food available. I longed for the day when I would be able to shop at the bazaar to buy my own food. Imagine that! Control over my own diet! What a luxury!


On Sunday, we headed to a town about a half hour outside of Kutaisi to visit Prometheus Cave which is at least 50,000 years old. The lighting was kind of strange (reminded me of a set from the original Star trek series), but the cave itself was pretty impressive. Image


Kristen and Melissa on the marshutka back to Kutaisi from the caves.

As always, the weeks here are packed full of events. On Friday, I have my mid-PST language assessment test to see if I am on track with the language. We’ve been told not to stress about it and you don’t need to tell me twice not to stress. On Saturday we have a picnic with a bunch of current Peace Corps volunteers (PCVs). And then on Monday, the most anticipated moment of PST arrives. We get our site assignments. On Monday, just around lunch time, I will be finding out where I will be living for the next two years and what organization I will be serving with. It’s no secret that I am hoping for a bigger city for numerous reasons, the biggest being my deep-seeded desire for a semi-anonymous life. The thought of being a celebrity in a smaller town for two years is just about the least appealing thing I can imagine. Certainly gender roles in Georgia play a big part in my reasoning as well. And then there is the access to a variety of foods. That’s pretty important. When I get my assignment, I’ll be sure to share! No matter what happens though, I’ll make the most of the experience.


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